Tuesday, April 20, 2010

10 more to go!

I had my second Taxol treatment yesterday afternoon (was a bit worried as I didn't have the massive doses of premed prior) I did very well. Went grocery shopping immediately after, went home had dinner, did take a quick 15 minute nap as I "watched" The Princess and the Frog with Ava. Then actually went to yoga class at 7:30 pm!

So - I think I am going to sail through the next 10 treatments really well. Of course there are potential side effects - numbness in fingers & toes. And I have to let you all know that I lost my eyelashes...thought they would stay, but no - they didn't cooperate...my eyebrows are thin - but I still have a few. I am now living in the world of false eyelashes. You would think I would have worn them before during shows - but I never really did (I have always had good lashes and my eyes are large so never a need).

All of you local friends can catch me onstage this June in CFCT's The Music Man! You just can keep me off the stage for very long. I will be playing Marian opposite Gary Kroeger - many other fine local performers are signed on the join the fun. Mark your calendars for June 4 - 13. Friday's & Saturday's @ 7:30pm - Sunday's @ 2pm.

The London trip for Allen College Alumni & Friends is still on as of now...we need to get that volcano to stop erupting and the wind to shift.

Busy, busy, busy...just how I like it!

Keep sending the positive vibes!
Love to you all

Friday, April 9, 2010

What a difference!

I started Taxol and Herceptin this morning -
No allergic reaction
ate lunch
am at work!

I am a bit tired due to lack of sleep from last night. I had to set my alarm to take medication at midnight - then couldn't fall back asleep. I also had benadryl in my drip - so I did get a bit loopy - but feel back to normal now.

I should sleep well tonight!

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Phase 2 shall begin...

I should be cleared to start Taxol on Friday. I have an appointment with Dr. Singh tomorrow to make sure my white cell count is good. Last Friday I had it checked and it was low - not a low as the time before. I am on an antibiotic again - darn sinus issues. I felt better immediately after taking the first dose on Monday.

I am hoping for the best for the next 12 weeks -
No side effects
Hair to start growing back (on my head only - I really like not shaving the pits, legs and well...elsewhere)
More energy

I will report back after Friday -