Friday, September 17, 2010


I am done with my cancer treatment!
(for the most part)

I still need to go in every 3 weeks until April to see Dr. Singh for a mega dose of Herceptin. But, that is just preventative stuff and has no side effects so I don't consider that to be anything difficult. After that I will get my port out. It has never really bothered me too much but doesn't feel great if you bump it (or Ava or Jack bump it when sitting on my lap).

I am Cancer Free! (really have been since December - thanks to Dr. Duven)

Now, we need to find a cure so that no one else has to do this crappy chemo/radiation stuff.

Please donate or join my Race for the Cure team!
I am doing both the Denver Race and the Des Moines Race.

For the Colorado friends - please donate and/or join in Denver.
For the Iowa friends - please donate and/or join me in Des Moines.
If you live elsewhere - no problem - just donate!

Above is the web site and my team name in both locations is
Kristin's Fight for a Cure

Thank you!