Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jumping the half way hurdle

Hello Dear Friends -

Tomorrow will be chemo #3 for me.
I am gearing up for the weekend and actually glad that all of this is happening during the dead of winter. It is so cold today - that I don't mind spending the entire weekend sequestered in my bedroom...I don't feel like I am missing anything!

I have talked to rock star nurse Tracy (who is also an Allen College student...*double rock star*) at Dr. Singh's office to see if we can lessen the side effects of the white cell booster shot. I am hopeful that Dr. Singh might let me do a lower dose over three days - I see him prior to my chemo tomorrow.

The Hair Update:
Gone Baby, Gone...
I have SLOWLY gotten used to seeing my bald head in the morning - I'm not sad about it just freaked out. I showed Travis for the first time last Sunday and actually let some of my super supportive colleagues see me yesterday (what better thing to have on our Student Services agenda - then to see my bald head). I have two wigs - a blonde one and a brunette one...Jack FINALLY asked what was up with my hair this morning when I stepped out of the bathroom with the brunette one on. We had a long talk and he actually said..."Are you bald under there?" I had no idea he knew the word bald!

Here's to finishing this crappy stuff I have to do and getting on with Spring - daylight savings time begins March 14!

Love to you all!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Not my favorite Valentine's Day

Hello Friends...

I am pleased to be able to actually look at a computer screen and formulate the thoughts needed to type a new blog post today. Yesterday was not my best day. I had a horrid headache - much like a migraine for those of you who suffer from those. I know it was from the white cell booster. I just couldn't do much of anything. Reading and watching movies were out of the question and unfortunately unlike the first treatment - sleep was not coming as easy to me yesterday.

On the bright side - I feel 95% better today - and have eaten a few bites of food and am trying my best to drink the bottled water my dear friend Denise brought me this morning when she picked up Ava for school (the water from the front of the fridge tastes funny to me - damn meds, or maybe we need to change the filter).

I will also inform you all that slowly strands of hair are leaving my head...weird feeling. I always thought that if I was going to not have any hair on my head I would be receiving millions of dollars to be in a movie...GI Jane part II with Demi or maybe the sequel to whatever that movie was that Natalie Portman was in. Huh, something is very wrong - since I am actually paying A LOT of money to lose the hair.

Just doesn't seem right does it?

Thanks for the continued thoughts and well wishes!



Thursday, February 11, 2010

Round 2...*ding*

Here we go!
I will have round 2 of my big bad 4 tomorrow afternoon.
My appointment with Dr. Singh went well today - my blood work is good and I am a go for more chemo.
I will post something over the weekend - I imagine I will feel "ok" until I get the white cell booster on Saturday.
Thanks to family & friends for entertaining the kids and cooking us meals this weekend.

Gotta Go Kick Some Cancer Butt!

Happy Valentine's Day

Thursday, February 4, 2010

One week out

I am feeling very good! I just had my lab work done and my white cell count is where it should be. Whoo Hoo! It took until yesterday to start feeling like I had energy. My biggest complaint since Monday was fatigue and a nasty headache. That has now run its course and I looking forward the the week ahead. I will go back for my second round of chemo either Thursday or Friday afternoon. Yes, this will mean that I will be tired again - but I will also be HALF WAY DONE!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Well...that was fun

The first weekend is over. So excited to know that three more await me! It wasn't horrid. I slept through most of it. Both kids are ill now...Jack with a cough and Ava with a fever. Travis is taking them to the Dr. today at 11:30.

The white cell booster shot caused the most discomfort - I was extremely achy. Hopefully I will slowly pull out of this fog as the week progresses. I also need to make sure I stay healthy and not catch the crud that my kids are sneezing around the house.

Thanks to all who checked up on me, watched kids and brought food.