Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I am almost done with CHEMO!

I have a treatment this Friday and then my last one will be Friday, July 9.

As many of you know we are hosting a party to celebrate & to thank all of my dear friends & family who have donated funds, food, cleaning services & mental support!

Saturday, July 10
4-8 pm
Open House Celebration
1422 Clay Street/CF

We will hope for sunny skies so that kids can play in the park across the street - even if your day is full - please stop for a quick drink and say hello. If you could RSVP to me that would be wonderful...would hate to run out of anything!

Hope to see you on July 10!



  1. Kristin, that is so awesome!!! I hope you're really feeling well. You're so incredibly strong. What a very very cool gift you've given your children through this. An incredible example of humanity at its best.

  2. Hi Kristin … I won't be able to make it down that weekend, but plan to be in CF the following for CHArtsFestival and to see some folks if you are up for a short visit. Can play it by ear, nose, or other marginally attached body part.