Tuesday, December 29, 2009


My surgery is set for tomorrow around 11:45. I will go to ADI (Advanced Diagnostic Imaging) for lymph node mapping first. During the mapping they will inject a dye into my breast so that Dr. Duven can track my nodes to take some for testing during the surgery. In surgery they will do this procedure first - get the nodes to the pathologist for testing and while they wait for the results will then work on removing the tumor. I hope for a good outcome on the nodes - to test negative for cancer. If so - they will be finished after Dr. Duven successfully removes the tumor. If the nodes test positive he will have to take all the nodes in the "chain" of nodes that tested positive. This will result in having a drainage tube under my arm for approximately two weeks. This will also most likely mean radiation under my arm as well as the chemo. I will try and update everyone on Thursday in regards to the surgery. The final pathology results most likely will not be done until Monday - this will determine if Dr. Duven was able to get clean margins on the lumpectomy.

Thank you again for all your support - POSITIVE THOUGHTS!


  1. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Sending positive thoughts for clean margins and negative lymph nodes.

  2. I wish for you peaceful sleep tonight. Prayers and positive thoughts are coming your way for a great outcome tomorrow. You are such a strong woman, hang in there!

  3. No worries, radiation is FAR from the most difficult thing to deal with. The hardest part is likely behind you, I PROMISE.

    : )