Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Phase 2 shall begin...

I should be cleared to start Taxol on Friday. I have an appointment with Dr. Singh tomorrow to make sure my white cell count is good. Last Friday I had it checked and it was low - not a low as the time before. I am on an antibiotic again - darn sinus issues. I felt better immediately after taking the first dose on Monday.

I am hoping for the best for the next 12 weeks -
No side effects
Hair to start growing back (on my head only - I really like not shaving the pits, legs and well...elsewhere)
More energy

I will report back after Friday -



  1. do you neti pot at all? It's a sinus wash of water plus non iodized salt … (link to walgreens site). it has worked wonders for my and dad's sinus headaches/congestion. Good luck on Friday :) Much energy coming your way.

    If you want more info, email me, but make sure not to blow your nose after by plugging one or more nostrils … hurts! the process is kind of weird, but that passes pretty quickly.

  2. Hooray!!! That is so great!!!!