Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I had Taxol #6 out of 12 yesterday!

Side effects are not too bad - it does zap my energy for a few hours due to the benedryl. Yesterday I had to counter act that with some caffeine towards the end of the day (which I have cut out of my diet) to make it through my 3 hour class and 1 1/2 hour rehearsal. So, I was having problems sleeping and Jack decided to throw up at 12:30 am. Apparently, I am the only parent to hear such sounds - so I was stripping his bed and doing laundry in the wee hours.

I am happy to report that Jack is doing well this morning and back at school - not sure what that was - hope I don't get it! Too busy to be sick!

If I stay on track I will be done with chemo on July 9. Radiation will then start and the drug Herceptin will continue for the next year via my IV port.

If you are in the area - get your tickets for The Music Man!
Performances are June 4 -13 @ The Cedar Falls Community Theatre.
I am playing Marian the Librarian - don't miss it!

Thanks for all your support.

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