Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year - I have Clean Margins!

The call came from super nurse Nikki yesterday that Dr. Duven was able to remove the tumor and the margins were clean. NO MORE SURGERY! I was asleep when the call came in - so the news on the nodes got lost in translation (Travis took the call). I believe that the report is - out of the 14 nodes that were taken 2 tested positive. My guess is that they were the first two in the chain. I won't be able to talk to someone in Dr. Duven's office until Monday.

This is very good news - as I need to recover and heal from the surgery before I can start radiation and chemo.

Keep the positive thoughts coming my way...I have started down the road to recovery - but the road is a long one.

Happy New Year to all of you wonderful people in my life that give me strength and encouragement.



  1. We are pulling for you Kristin!!
    Love, Derek, Connie, Jaime and Alexander
    PS. Alexander was looking for clothes for you when we were at Cherry Creek Mall this am.

  2. So glad that you have gotten good news!! I will continue to pray for more good news and a healthy outcome. God Bless. Dana