Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jumping the half way hurdle

Hello Dear Friends -

Tomorrow will be chemo #3 for me.
I am gearing up for the weekend and actually glad that all of this is happening during the dead of winter. It is so cold today - that I don't mind spending the entire weekend sequestered in my bedroom...I don't feel like I am missing anything!

I have talked to rock star nurse Tracy (who is also an Allen College student...*double rock star*) at Dr. Singh's office to see if we can lessen the side effects of the white cell booster shot. I am hopeful that Dr. Singh might let me do a lower dose over three days - I see him prior to my chemo tomorrow.

The Hair Update:
Gone Baby, Gone...
I have SLOWLY gotten used to seeing my bald head in the morning - I'm not sad about it just freaked out. I showed Travis for the first time last Sunday and actually let some of my super supportive colleagues see me yesterday (what better thing to have on our Student Services agenda - then to see my bald head). I have two wigs - a blonde one and a brunette one...Jack FINALLY asked what was up with my hair this morning when I stepped out of the bathroom with the brunette one on. We had a long talk and he actually said..."Are you bald under there?" I had no idea he knew the word bald!

Here's to finishing this crappy stuff I have to do and getting on with Spring - daylight savings time begins March 14!

Love to you all!


  1. I think you need to get a red-head wig, too! Then whatever you feel like, you have it covered! And, if you felt like changing half-way through the day, what the hey!

    Will be praying for you this weekend!

  2. Please please post a picture of yourself with the brunette wig! I bet you look really cute. Keep your spirits up and look towards Spring.


  3. So inspired by you. You are amazing!!! Thank you for sharing with us!!