Monday, February 15, 2010

Not my favorite Valentine's Day

Hello Friends...

I am pleased to be able to actually look at a computer screen and formulate the thoughts needed to type a new blog post today. Yesterday was not my best day. I had a horrid headache - much like a migraine for those of you who suffer from those. I know it was from the white cell booster. I just couldn't do much of anything. Reading and watching movies were out of the question and unfortunately unlike the first treatment - sleep was not coming as easy to me yesterday.

On the bright side - I feel 95% better today - and have eaten a few bites of food and am trying my best to drink the bottled water my dear friend Denise brought me this morning when she picked up Ava for school (the water from the front of the fridge tastes funny to me - damn meds, or maybe we need to change the filter).

I will also inform you all that slowly strands of hair are leaving my head...weird feeling. I always thought that if I was going to not have any hair on my head I would be receiving millions of dollars to be in a movie...GI Jane part II with Demi or maybe the sequel to whatever that movie was that Natalie Portman was in. Huh, something is very wrong - since I am actually paying A LOT of money to lose the hair.

Just doesn't seem right does it?

Thanks for the continued thoughts and well wishes!




  1. Thinking and praying for you...

  2. (((( hugs )))) Glad to hear today is better, yesterday sounded pretty rough!

  3. Keep on kicking! I'm imagining some bad a** boots for you :)