Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Chemo is not for whimps!

Seriously people...
I would take LOTS of things over chemo...delivering Jack & Ava for example...piece of cake, tearing ligaments in my knee during a basketball game...let's do it again!

While you are in it - you just want it to be done with.

I only did one booster shoot this weekend (Dr. Singh said I should have 10 of the shorter acting ones...you read it correctly 10!) After Travis shot me up on Sunday - I said...no more. So, please dear friends of mine - put all your positive energy into my immune system - that I keep those white cells up. I go back in on Friday to see Dr. Singh and have my blood checked. I just need to make it through the next two weeks avoiding all those germs that people are sneezing and coughing in my direction!

Then I need to summon up my Warrior Spirit and do this one more weekend.

People -
Let's find a cure for cancer!

Love to you all -
thanks for the cards, food, prayers and Warrior chants you are doing for me!



  1. This was a good note, so I know how to pray for you!

  2. You've got them for sure!

  3. You are so amazing!! I wish i could send you my immune system, i'm not using it right now! You could have it through May if you like!

    Sending all the healing thoughts and energy i can!!