Friday, March 19, 2010

Hail, Hail, the chemo's here...

White counts were good yesterday (still a wee bit low from where I started) but, Dr. Singh said everything looks great! So - It is CHEMO DAY!

No white cell booster...and he wants me to start the Taxol in 3 weeks to give me a little break (so nice of him)! I felt my treatment plan was behind schedule and he said - not to worry - a week or two here or there would not be a problem. Again, he said I will feel great on the Taxol and that I will know how I react to the drug after the second week.

I will post this weekend if I am feeling up to it.

Yesterday was such a glorious day - Jack, Ava, mother in-law Betty and I went for a walk (kids were riding bikes) and then stopped in the park.

I feel the positive energy of the spring and all of the well wishes sent by all of you!


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