Thursday, March 11, 2010

One last weekend!

Tomorrow is the last day I will receive the big bad chemo drugs!
I am hoping to not have the white cell booster - but we will see what Dr. Singh says.

On March 26 I will start 12 weeks of another chemo drug - Taxol. I am told I will feel so much better on this drug. To tell you the truth I have done fairly well in between the chemo weekends - so I am really hoping to see my energy level soar. After the 12 weeks I will have radiation (8 weeks if I remember correctly).

Thank you all for your support through my journey. I am looking forward to the spring season renewal & we get to spring forward this weekend to help me hop into my healthy future!

You will hear from me again on the other side of this weekend!


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  1. You are so amazing and kicking ass!!!! WOOOOOT!